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The Equitop® products are unique in every sense of the word.

Unlike the majority of equine supplements on the market, Equitop® products are manufactured by a veterinary pharmaceutical company, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health. Being the global leaders in equine medicine and utilising the research and development heritage of the business has allowed for the vet-endorsed range of Equitop® products to be created.

Manufactured to good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards, Equitop® products offer you peace of mind that you are providing your horse with thoroughly researched supplements that are created to the highest industry standards by the leaders in science-based equine products.

Experts in veterinary medicine

The Equitop® Products

Scientifically-based to support your horse's gastric health, joint health and lean muscle development, there are 3 products within the Equitop® range of products: Equitop® GLME, Equitop® Myoplast and Equitop® Pronutrin.

Combining natural ingredients with pharmaceutical-standard manufacturing techniques, each product within the Equitop® range has deliberately been created to provide the horse with the highest quality ingredients to supplement their diet and lifestyle.

Whether a world-class athlete or a trusted weekend companion, our innovations and expertise in equine medicine have allowed for a great depth of knowledge and insight to come together and create the Equitop® products.

Muscle supplements for horses

There are key times when your horse will benefit from adding a muscle supplement to their feed, whether they are subject to periods of intensive training/competition or you have an older horse finding it difficult to maintain condition, your horse needs to access the building blocks of protein (essential amino acids) from their diet and supplementing with a product like Equitop® Myoplast will support the development of lean muscle on your horse.

Why would a horse need a muscle supplement?

Joint supplements for horses

Healthy joints are vital in keeping our horses sound and able to perform as athletes. Joint problems are a common cause of lameness in horses and all horses are at risk of developing joint disease, especially as they become older.

Joint supplements are extremely popular and can be useful to help support joint health by providing a dietary source of key nutrients which help maintain normal joints and support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes.

Equitop® GLME contains green-lipped mussel extract which provides a natural source of glycosaminoglycans (including chondroitin sulphate), the building blocks of cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

What to look for in a joint supplement for a horse

Gastric supplements for horses

Gastric ulcers are a common problem for horses and can affect any horse at any age1, especially at times of stress. If your horse is diagnosed with gastric ulcers, your vet may recommend a tailored nutritional programme alongside treatment, which may include a gastric health supplement such as Equitop® Pronutrin.

The symptoms of stress disorders, such as damage to the stomach lining, are extremely vague. That is why it is all the more important that you watch your horse closely and consider feeding a gastric health supplement alongside their regular feed.

What are gastric supplements for horses?

Recommended by vets

The reassuring and calming voice of the equine vet offers horse owners comfort through the best and worst of times and the trust of the vet is something that has been earned by Equitop® through many years of satisfied clients once they’ve used an Equitop® product.

Recommended by vets for a variety of cases, whether your horse is a regular on the competition circuit, or a valued member of the family, vets throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland have been supplementing the equine patient with Equitop® for many years.

What vets say about Equitop®

Chosen by Champions

The phrase “hard work builds champions” is widely acknowledged in a variety of sporting fields and equestrianism is no different. Grit, determination and a healthy obsession of wanting be the best they can be, whilst working in harmony with the truest of athletes – the horse, riders and jockeys throughout all equestrian disciplines have matched the correct exercise programme for their horse with precise nutrition and the Equitop® range of products tends to be a mainstay of the feed room in many leading yards.

Why do so many leading riders use Equitop®?

Trusted by horse owners

“Such a difference in only a month” and “I highly recommend Equitop® Myoplast, I have been using it on my horses for 3 years and what a difference it has made.” Just some of the things horse owners have been saying about Equitop® products recently. For over 10 years, Equitop® products have been used by horse owners to deliver high quality nutrition to their equine companion and it is through personal experience of using the Equitop® products that we are fortunate enough to share with you some of the testimonials from Equitop® users.

What do horse owners say about Equitop®?